Exocad design software along with a Steinbichler ST scanner has now been installed into the laboratory.

This gives us full control over the design of Zirconia, non-precious metal and implant CAD/ CAM restorations.

We can now receive STL files from open chairside intra-oral scanners.

Diagnostic Work and Treatment Planning

The first stage of any successful restorative work is always careful planning and diagnostic work.

A laboratory produced diagnostic wax-up is an important tool to plan the final functional and aesthetic outcome.

Please contact one of our dental technicans to discuss your requirements for diagnostic work and treatment planning.


An implant is a titanium replica of a tooth root in order to provide a fixed replacement for a lost tooth. It is inserted into the jaw bone, then supports the replacement tooth, or multiple teeth.

Implants are secure and natural looking, providing a great alternative to dentures.

Our dental laboratory technicians are experienced users of many leading implant systems including, but not exclusively, Straumann, Nobel Biocare, Southern Implants, Astra, Pitts Easy and Biomet 3i.

Crowns and Bridges

Our dental laboratory can produce any type of crown and bridge work, using either metal ceramics, all ceramics, composite and cast gold/metal.

Metal Ceramics

We use both high quality precious and non-precious alloys (nickel and beryllium free) and produce anything from a single crown, resin bonded bridge, through to full-arch rehabilitation.

All Ceramics

All ceramic restorations are an extremely aesthetic alternative to metal ceramics. At AMJ Ceramics Dental Laboratory, we use E-max, Lava and Techceram Zr for all ceramic crown and bridge work.


For veneers we use feldspathic ceramic and E-max.

E-max is a new generation of ceramic made from lithium disilicate. It is considerably stronger than feldspathic porcelain and has excellent aesthetic properties.


We use sinfony composite from 3m espe for our basic inlays.

For a stronger inlay our dental technicians use 3m espe Lava Ultimate which is a CAD/CAM milled composite.

Cast gold/metal

Our dental laboratory has alloys of varying gold content and composition to cover every situation and budget from a nickel free non-precious metal, a basic precious metal through to a beautiful 60% gold alloy. Please contact Andrew or Phil to discuss your needs.

Sports Mouthguards

Our dental laboratory produces custom made mouthguards to protect the wearer’s teeth, gums and mouth.

From a simple clear mouthguard through to complex pattern/colour lay with hard insert, we can produce a mouthguard to suit all sports and needs. We supply mouthguards to a wide range of patients, from school children to our local Super League rugby team.

All our custom made mouthguards come with a carry case and instructions containing the CE mark. They are made from high quality EVA material with the patient’s name on the palatal aspect of our laminated mouthguards.

Bite Raising Appliances

Soft proform night bite guard

Our proform night bite guards are flexible and durable for maximum comfort.

Hard acrylic occlusal rehabilitation splints

These splints come in many designs and functions. Please inform the laboratory of your needs on the prescription form.

 Bleaching Trays

Bleaching trays are available with or without reservoirs, and to your favourite design.