Straumann Platinum Technician Status

Colleague Philip Hall has gained ‘Straumann Platinum Technician’ status, proving his competency and skills in restoring Straumann dental implants to defined standards. As a Platinum Technician, Philip attends update meetings on technical and business issues throughout the year in order to maintain and develop his skills.

British Bite Mark

AMJ Ceramics Dental Laboratory is accredited to the British Bite Mark Scheme.

Recently there have been a significant number of dentists looking to send their prescriptions to dental laboratories in the Far East to reduce overheads. Regulations in the UK -including the materials used and ensuring dental technicians are registered with the General Dental Council – are in place to protect patients. Dental appliances which are imported are not manufactured by UK registered dental techniciancs, nor do the UK regulators inspect the dental laboratories manufacturing the appliences in the Far East.

The British Bite Mark was launched in March 2012, and aims to inform patients that their dental appliance is manufactured in the UK and complies with all the material and professional standards set in the UK to protect patients from receiving illegally manufactured crowns, bridges or dentures.

Every appliance supplied by AMJ Ceramics Dental Laboratory is made in Britain. You can therefore be assured in the knowledge that the work you receive from us is of the same high standard and consistency as always.

Member of the DLA (Dental Laboratories Association)

The DLA is a professional body for dental laboratory owners in the UK.

As a member, AMJ Ceramics is committed to providing high quality customer care, excellent standards of work and complying with the latest regulations.

Member of DAMAS

DAMAS is the most commonly used quality system within the dental laboratory industrry to prove to clients they are operating within the law.

The system provides a framework for an effective quality management system. This ensures consistency and improvement of working practices in order to provide products and services that meet clients’ requirements.

The Medical Devices Regulations protect the patient by ensuring all materials that go into the oral cavity have been verified for use in laboratory, including also that laboratories show that they work under controlled conditions i.e. processes and traceability.